Our standards
Our products meet a number of stringent international design codes including:

  • AD-Merkblatt
  • ASME
  • British Standards
  • TÜV

AS Scientific Products also produces work to:
European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA), CERN and MoD standards.

SIVL is a highly developed transfer system for any extreme temperature fluid; it is most commonly used for the transfer of liquefied gases. Compared to even the best conventionally lagged pipes, SIVL is 10 - 30 times more efficient in reducing heat flow, therefore, saving money in operational costs.
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These top loading furnaces are characterized by their flexibility and transparency to neutrons in applications for both neutron diffraction and spectroscopy. The outer furnace body is made of aluminium for use under high vacuum or inert gas atmosphere. All internal components in the neutron beam are made of thin niobium foils. On request all niobium components may be replaced by vanadium.
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This cryofurnace is basically a standard variable temperature cryostat with an extended range above room temperature. The sample is top loaded into the sample chamber which has aluminium shields and walls transparent to neuron beams.
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Cryogenic Controls
There are four major products in our Cryogenic Controls range of products and services.
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There are four cryostats in the range, the Standard 50 mm, the Standard 70mm, the Mini, and the Maxi. These cryostats offer a range of sample sizes, hold times and physical dimensions which will cover most of the applications likely to be encountered.
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Phase Separators
Liquefied gases are commonly used in many industrial processes. These include food freezing, freeze grinding, rubber de-flashing, environmental testing, metallising, biological storage, shrink fitting and many other applications where reduced temperatures processing is required.
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