This cryofurnace is a variable temperature cryostat with an extended range above room temperature. The sample is top loaded into the sample chamber which has aluminium shields and walls transparent to neuron beams. The radiation shields, at liquid nitrogen temperature, between the variable temperature insert (V.T.I.) and the liquid helium bath have been optimised so that the liquid helium evaporation rate of the bath is insensitive to the sample temperature. A friction weld between the sample well (stainless steel) and the sample chamber (aluminium) allows temperatures up to 300°C to be obtained. The double shield around the sample chamber maintains reduced temperature gradient along the sample.

In the cryogenic temperature range (T < 300 K) the cryostat has the same performance as the standard ILL 'Orange' cryostat. In the furnace temperature range (20°C < T < 300 °C) the cryofurnace has a much faster response time than standard furnaces. A thermal safety switch mounted on the sample chamber inhibits the heater temperatures above 320°C thus avoiding any damage from overheating. Please select the links above for more detailed information on each product.