QM330 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor and Warning Alarm

A simple battery powered modular system for continuous monitoring of oxygen concentrations with no necessity for mains connection.

Base module acts as simple stand-alone unit or in conjunction with a range of remote alarm / display units allowing customization to suit different locations. The system simply 'plugs' together to allow easy connection of alarms and displays to suit every application. It is battery powered and fixes easily to a wall with NO NEED for wiring to mains power. The base unit cannot be switched off, giving maximum protection to the user. All modules have built-in visual and audible alarms with two alarm states 'Low' and 'Critically Low'. It is lightweight, compact and easy to maintain.

The QM330 Quantum Oxygen Monitor and Alarm combines simple, reliable operation with ease of installation, providing a low cost solution for oxygen monitoring. It continuously monitors the concentration of the oxygen in the air surrounding its sensor and provides both visual and audible alarms when the monitored concentration falls beyond preset levels.

The QM330 system is designed to be completely modular with the basic building being the QFM330 monitor. This unit incorporates a sensor, which is placed at an appropriate sensing point by simply screwing to the wall (NO ADDITIONAL POWER SUPPLY IS NEEDED). The QFM330 also includes audible and visual alarms and by simply plugging in additional modules to the base unit, a number of additional facilities are available. The alarm can be repeated at a remote site; a digital display of the oxygen concentration can be added and a switching unit or connection of fans, valves or other alarm systems can be provided simply by selecting the appropriate additional modules. A computer connection can also be included. The repeater units are all battery powered, with the exception of a further mains powered module, which incorporates a boosted klaxon and warning beacon, for use in particularly noisy operating environments. Additional modules can be added to the system when initially installed, or at a later date without need for modification of the basic unit.

Any number of base sensing units can be fitted at any site to allow for the need for multiple sensing. The QM330 by selective use of appropriate modules can provide a low cost solution to every scenario from a simple single monitor to a large monitoring system spread over a number of rooms requiring many monitors and alarms.

Two independent alarm levels are preset on the base unit. These provide a 'Low Alarm' at 19% and a 'Critically Low' alarm should levels fall still further to 18%. Audible alarms are 85dBA at 30 cm for all battery operated units. Long life oxygen sensors are employed which will provide twelve months operation in normal use. A replacement sensor pack can be supplied by post without the need to return the unit each year and additional modules can be added, if required, without any modifications to the existing system.

Part Numbers

  • Base sensing module - QFM330
  • Remote Alarm Repeater - QRA330
  • Remote Alarm Repeater with LCD Display - QRD330
  • Remote Mains Powered Beacon, Audible Alarm, Display and Relay Repeater for use with one base sensing module - QRL330/1
  • Remote Mains Powered Beacon, Audible Alarm, Display and Relay Repeater for use with 2-4 base sensing modules. - QRL330/4
  • Relay Switching Unit - QMS330
  • Replacement Sensor Pack for base unit (including battery) - QM330RS
  • Replacement Battery Pack for repeater units - QR330B

QFM330 Monitor / Alarm Unit

  • Dimensions 165 (h) x 90 (w) x 55 (d) mm
  • Weight (excl. cable) - 550 gm
  • Indications and alarms; LOW ALARM (Red flashing LED + audible bleep), CRITICAL LOW ALARM (Red flashing LED + audible bleep), BATTERY WARNING (Red constant LED + constant tone), CALIBRATION LIGHTS (Two green constant LEDs).