Helium Level Indicator


  • 10 Segment bar graph
  • Constant / pulsed time on
  • Pre-settable level trip
  • Variable AC mains in
The AS Scientific Helium Level Indicator together with the appropriate probe, provides a means of measuring the level of liquid helium in a container. When the probe is immersed in the liquid helium, a voltage is developed across the probe which is inversely proportional to the depth of the liquid. This proportionality is indicated by means of a 10 segment bar graph measured as a percentage level. The AS Scientific Helium Level Probe consists of a very thin superconducting wire housed inside a stainless steel tube. At ambient temperature, the resistance of the wire is high. The Level Indicator provides an approximate current of 100 mA to the probe.

The WEST 2073 is a self-tuning high performance microprocessor, with two gauges located on the front of the box. One gauge is the Regulated Supply, which sets the pneumatic pressure entering the I/P, the other gauge is the Pneumatic Signal, which is the pneumatic pressure from the I/P to the control valve. (An I/P is a unit which converts electrical current from the process controller to a proportional pressure in either filtered air or dry nitrogen gas.)



  • Standard Eurocard housed in KM6-11 module
  • Mains Input: Standard - 240 Volts A.C. 50Hz - Nominal - 90 - 260 Volts A.C. 50 Hz
  • Relay contact - 250 V 5 A
  • Probe: Standard - 66 m × 0.08" st. tube - Niomax superconducting wire, resistance 130 Ω