Options and additional costs

Modification to Furnace Body for:

  • Beam height / window size conformity
  • Mounting into vacuum chamber

Continuous operation at high temperatures will inevitably degrade the heating element and even the screens. The following items may be purchased as service backups.

  • Set of eight screens
  • Complete assembly
  • Standard replacement element
  • Standard W5 centre stick complete
  • Replacement W5 thermocouple assembly (wire and ceramic tube)

70 mm Access 1000ºC Furnace
In response to a user who required a larger sample space, AS Scientific has designed and produced a high temperature furnace to suit this specific requirement.

The furnace has a Stainless Steel top and bottom assembly with a demountable Aluminium Alloy window section. The radiation screens are in Niobium. Boron Nitride shielding was provided to reduce scatter. Top loading access is 70 mm via a suitable ISO flange connection.

A variety of sample sticks are available including a rotary centre stick with servo drive and encoder / positioner.

This modified furnace will operate on the existing furnace control unit.

Maximum temperature for short periods only - 1200ºC.